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Frequently Asked Question


Q. I am not living here. Can I have a wedding in Vienna?

A. Yes, it is of course possible! Almost all the palaces in Vienna are available for weddings.


Q. I cannot speak in German. Is that okay?

A. It is not a problem at all. Please rest assured that the wedding planner is fluent in German and in English, and will be happy to arrange the wedding/photo wedding for you.


Q. When should I start booking?

A. We recommend you to contact us at least 2 months before your preferred date. (The earlier the better.) 

It is still possible to reserve the venue less than 2 months before the date, but we may encounter some limitations  to make arrangements in such short period of time.



Q. When is the popular wedding season in Vienna?


"June" is by far the most popular wedding month in Vienna. The weather in June here is often nice and sunny, and local people wish to have weddings in June.

Typically, warm season like May, July, August, and September is preferred, but December before Christmas is also popular.


Q. Can I also request you to organise  a wedding dinner or lunch?


Yes! We can, for example, reserve an elegant restaurant in a palace for wedding lunch/dinner for just two of you or with your guests. 



Q. When should I submit the marriage notice?

It depends on whether you would like your wedding in Vienna to be legally valid or not.


The prerequisite is that the you two are not legally married in your country, but if you have a legal wedding in Vienna, you can have your marriage in Vienna written on your family register.


This may be not true for some countries. Please check it with your local city government. 


Q. What should I bring from my country?


You will need to bring the following:

・ Marriage ring 

・ Accessories

・ Wedding Gown (wedding dress and tuxedo set)

We recommend you to carry on your wedding gown, accessories, underwear, and shoes if possible, if you take a flight to Vienna.

In addition to the above, for weddings with guests, you can bring small gifts and, maybe, a menu card for wedding lunch/dinner. (We can also prepare small gifts here as you wish.) 


We also recommend that you purchase overseas travel insurance for just in case. 


Q. What is the program like?


The following is the basic order.

  1. Procession

  2. Greeting

  3. Wedding Vows

  4. Ring Exchange

  5. Kiss

  6. Congratulatory Speech

  7. Recessional


Q. How about hairstyling & makeup?


We can arrange a professional stylist for you. We ask you to send us the image of your preferred style. The stylist will prepare cosmetics, but you can bring your own as you wish. Especially in case your skin is sensitive, we recommend that you bring your own.


It depends on your budget, but the optional plan to have a styling rehearsal is popular. You can try two to three hairstyles in the rehearsal, and you can also consult with the stylist about the makeup.


Q. Can I rent the wedding gown in Vienna?


It is possible to rent it here. Please note that wedding dresses are usually European size 36 or larger, and tuxedos European size 44 or larger.

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