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Useful Items for a Trip to Vienna

Hello! The autumn leaves are finally starting to appear in Vienna. It might be called yellow leaves because most of the leaves turn yellow here. How is everyone doing?

In my previous article, I wrote about the temperature difference in Vienna in autumn and suggested that you bring a coat or scarf if you visit Vienna in autumn.

Vienna is a city surrounded by mountains and has a basin-like topography. The weather in Vienna changes frequently, as is often said of mountain weather and autumn skies. Passing showers are a common occurrence. It may be raining but it is clearing up quickly.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast in Vienna is not very reliable (my iPhone weather app). If you are planning a trip to Vienna and are feeling sad about the weather forecast, don't worry too much, because the weather forecast is probably wrong.

Even so, it can still rain suddenly, so a collapsible umbrella is a good friend to have when travelling in Vienna. People here don't often use umbrellas, and unless it's raining heavily, you'll often see people wearing hooded jackets or sweatshirts to cover up.

Of course, you can borrow an umbrella from your hotel, but they are usually quite large, so unless it's pouring, it's a good idea to have a collapsible umbrella so you don't have to bother with it.

Have a nice day, everyone!

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