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Trip to Vienna: Be careful with this one!

Hello everyone. Yesterday, the northern part of Vienna was covered in fog. When we were driving through the city centre, the weather was so good that we needed sunglasses, but when we got on the motorway and crossed the Danube River, there was a vague mist. Once we passed the city of Vienna, we were completely engulfed in fog.

Today, I would like to write about the things you should watch out for when sightseeing on foot in Vienna. What do you think it is? Pickpockets? You have to be careful about that too, but actually the thing you have to be most careful about is the trams.

Many people are maybe like "???." Yes, trams are lovely and convenient, but do you know how heavy those trams are? It depends on the type, but they weigh several tens of tonnes. Yes, a tram is actually a train on the street. They are extremely heavy.

In Vienna, most cars stop properly when you cross a crosswalk. However, just as cars cannot stop suddenly, trams, which are dozens of times heavier than cars, cannot stop easily.

When sightseeing on foot in Vienna, please be careful with trams. Have a good week, everybody!

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