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Wedding Planner

Schloss Schonbrunn Garden Photo Wedding

Here, in an interview style, we introduce you to Lisa, a wedding planner at Lisa Weddings.

Q. What kind of work do you do?

Q. In what language do you work?

A. My profession is a wedding planner.

I was born in Germany and raised in Vienna. As my parents are Japanese, I grew up as a bilingual in German and in Japanese. 

I communicate with the creators in German/English, and with my customers in Japanese. 

Q. Where do you live?

A. I work in German, Japanese and English.

I am arranging and organising my customers' weddings/ photo weddings as a wedding planner with the Austrian certification. 

Q. How do you deal with the time zone difference?

A. I live in Vienna.

My family moved from Germany to Vienna when I was in school. Later, I studied abroad in Japan, and graduated from university there. I also have working experiences in Japan. 


I am now back in Vienna. I am married, and am a mother of two. As I live in Vienna, I am happy to make some advises on your comfortable stay here.

Q. What are the features of your service?

A. We make arrangements, so that our customers feel relieved and rest assured.

We work with professional creators (hair&makeup stylist, photographer, and etc) who are specialised for weddings. 

You can choose a photographer who matches with your taste and style.


Also, we prepare flowers and hair styling & makeups by listening to your requests in details.


You can also consult with us about the start time of the wedding.

A. It is actually an advantage. Our customers in Asia, for example, can reach me in the night after work.

The night in eastern Asian time zone is the daytime of Vienna.


It is often convenient for our customers living in Japan, for example, to arrange a Zoom conference after they finish their work in the night.

Q. How about the service on the day?

A. We provide well-planned organisation and detailed assistance.

The wedding planner will attend the ceremony, and basically we usually have three people supporting the wedding.


Of course, we will assist you with the dress during the wedding /photo wedding.


Also, we will prepare bottled water with straw for the bride and groom during the ceremony/shooting (depending on the epidemic situation).


If you have the hair styling & makeup option, the dress and tuxedo steam iron service are included.


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